Our Story
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In 2012, fashion designer Eresel established her label Asurio Pinafico (pronounced ah-ZOOR-yew Pee-NAH-fee-koh) believing that every woman has her own identity and uniqueness that sets herself apart from the crowd. Whether it’s to dominate the boardroom, the dance floor or the runway, she understood that a woman’s confidence comes from being comfortable within one’s own skin than it does from the clothes that she put over it. However, Asurio Pinafico's vision is to create a brand that enables its customers to look and feel as good as possible, confident to take on whatever challenges comes their way.

Although Asurio Pinafico (AP) is still a young company, its roots go back decades. Eresel’s late grandparents played a significant role in her life. Because of the impact, Eresel named AP in their honor. ASUncion her maternal grandmother was a dress maker during the 1960’s. gregoRIO (maternal grandfather) was in agriculture. crisPINA (paternal grandmother) was a garments merchandiser and a business woman; paciFICO (paternal grandfather) was in the jewelry industry during the 1950’s and the textile business during the 1960’s. Eresel wanted their influence and legacy to live on through Asurio Pinafico. To learn more about Eresel (AP’s founder, owner, and creative head) read below.

While AP’s early days focused on high-end and couture dresses for weddings and other formal events, it has expanded to produce Ready-To-Wear, business attire, swimwear and children's wear: Couture, Ready-To-Wear. AP is currently sold at Fifth Rack and Retail Lab, but appointments can be made for custom attire. Despite AP’s brief history, it’s clothing has won the attention of young teens, business professional, brides to be and many of the Philippines’ young and talented celebrities.

About Eresel

Even at an early age, Eresel knew fashion design was in her future, but her path there was not a direct one. Hoping to one day take over a family baking business, she enrolled in Santa Isabel College specializing in International Hospitality and Travel Management. She graduated college with flying colors; however, plans for the family business were put on hold.  Instead, Eresel found success in other industries including very promising careers at a marketing & sales training company and high-end real estate. Despite that success and potential opportunities, they did not provide enough of a forum for the creativity, freedom, and individualism that she was longing to express. 

Eresel always kept fashion a part of her life. While at Santa Isabel, she started modeling part time and her love for fashion blossomed. Post college, while working at a marketing and sales training company she was invited twice by one of the largest Universities in the Philippines to conduct a seminar, "The Latest Trend in Marketing Profession". While doing research on her topic “Fashion Marketing”, it became clear to Eresel that fashion was more than a hobby, everything she was learning continued to fuel her desire to be part of the fashion industry. Her adventurous spirit led her to take a risk and leave her promising career to enroll at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. She graduated there mastering the fundamentals of fashion designing and pattern making. However, true to her adventurous nature, it is in her travels abroad where Eresel finds inspiration for her designs.

While trends have changed over time and her skills evolved, Eresel’s designs share common characteristics. They have been described as elegant and sophisticated with an edginess that turns heads and makes people take notice… “stylish sophistication with an edge”. Her use of colors and certain prints and patterns exude a joy and playfulness that stems from her positivity and optimism towards life. These traits are epitomized in her 2014 collection, Transformation. Much of AP’s early success came from the custom dresses that Eresel would design to suit her customers’ specific needs. Today, AP offers everything including couture dresses, wedding gowns, footwear, business attire, children’s wear, casual wear, swimwear and accessories.

Like any artist, Eresel is dedicated to her craft and continues to push her boundaries. While not in the shop working on outfit for a celebrity client or with pencil in hand, reading books, nose in the computer or a sketch book, she can be found in the hallways and classrooms of other Fashion schools in the Philippines where she occasionally take classes. Eresel has BIG plans for the future of AP. Given what she has accomplished in a short period of time there are plenty of reasons to be excited.

To be continued…